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Hawking radiation and dumb celebrities

If you came here to read about Kim Kardashian, you are in for a treat. This post is all about her and her witty family. Before we do that, let us take a good look at life. What gives us the reason to live? What makes it worth living and what makes it not worth living? Is there a connection between everything in our life? Is there a connection between you and your neighbor? Perhaps you do have something in common or you don't. People are always trying to make a connection with everyone and everything they encounter in life. It doesn't have to mean a thing usually. But this has nothing to do with any of that. This is about the power of metaphor. A true comedian can link any two phenomenon despite of its utter boredom and still make it funny. This would be one of those attempts. I would start this by including an excerpt from Professor Stephen Hawking's Lecture about Hawking radiation.

If we can imagine that a black hole is indeed losing particles and over time, will diminish in size, it will evaporate and disappear. So first, a star vanishes into a black hole and then black hole itself vanishes. So nothing becomes nothing.

I took the simpler version from the movie Theory of Everything. It basically states that something that was nothing at a particular time in the past turns into nothing at some time in the future. If you take the case of really witty celebrities like Kim Kardashian who have more silicone in their body than brain and are famous for reasons that i still cannot understand. These are people we should care more about and invest more time on, by reading their wonderful books and watching tv shows starring them. But this has gone on too far to not make any sense whatsoever. I promise that its all tied together. If we apply the basic idea of hawking radiation to "witty celebrities" who are currently the center piece of any and all online media, we can understand that they will become nothing too. As they get hotter and hotter, they get dumber and dumber until they reach a paradigm shift and simply disappear from this universe. I will tell you that this is better than Martin Luther King's dream. When this dream comes true, i will finally sleep in peace.

P.S. It was weird to see questions about hawking radiation because that is not what this article is about. I will include a link to an article anyway. If you want a better explanation of the scientific theory you can click on this link. It can also be found in the comments section.

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