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Vijai Kumar S
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One Dimensional Life

Is there such a thing as an one dimensional life ? If such a thing existed, what would it be like to live such a life. Here the dimension doesn't just talk about the geometry but has a more spiritual meaning to it. Before i start my ramble, lets see what the rest of the mankind has to say about one dimensional life.

Life isn't one-dimensional. The world isn't simply divided into good versus evil. I think we're all capable of both -- Alexandar Skarsgard

To expect for me to be one-way every time you see me is to expect me to be a one-dimensional man, which I've never been. I've always applauded my efforts to be diverse and multi-faceted. -- T.I

It is not very easy to live an one dimensional life. If one were to experiment such a thing, it would be like turning off one side of your brain for a day and not have any creativity at all. It would be pure hell. But you will be able to live as a human and do what you have to do to get through a day. The only problem is that you won't have any creative thoughts. You look at a beautiful flower and you can't really comprehend anything. You just see a flower and its colorful. There is no more meaning to it than that.Unless you were forced into such a thing, its just plain sad and cowardly of you. You look at a beautiful girl / boy and there is no butterfly tingling in your stomach. You just feel nothing. I know that its very boring. But a lot might bargain their life for such boredom and one dimensionality. If you ever meet such a person in your life, feel free to let me know. I would like to meet him / her although he / she might not care for it all.

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